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          On the thirty first birthday of the king, which is 11 February 1951 the news of his engagement to Miss Nariman Sadek, the young lady he chose from among all girls of Egypt and whom he preferred to many ladies of the royal family and the noble class was announced.

          Engagement picture appeared actually amazing.  Nariman was dressed in a fantastic robe using little make-up and her golden hair dressed in a great style.  For celebrating the engagement of the king the memorial monument was illuminated.  The army made military parades.  The air forces made parades on air.  Free meals were distributed on thousands in Cairo and Alexandria.  Agricultural lands were donated to the farmers who did not own such lands.

          Many aspirations were hoped out of the marriage of the king.  He hopes that God will give him a crown prince after getting three princesses from the previous marriage.  He had the hope to have a son who would carry his name after him who would become the crown prince and the future king of Egypt.  Although his cortège was upholding his hope, its greatest impetus out of this prospective marriage was to improve the image of the king who mingled in soirees and stuck to traits the least of which was that he was unqualified for incurring the responsibility.

          Four months passed between engagement and marriage.  It was decided to celebrate the marriage ceremony before that time.  But there were sickness conditions of which the fiancé was suffering that compelled delay of the marriage ceremony till the 6th of May 1951, because of a surgery of appendectomy that was made for Nariman,

          Marriage rites were royal in the full meaning of the word.  It was a great event suitable for the name of the king of Egypt and Sudan.  All agencies of the state were occupied with the event.  Songs were enchanted.  Decorations were hanged.  All lamps were illuminated.  In those days Nariman was living in her house at Heliopolis.  All eyes were focused on that house where the new queen of Egypt was living, to whom the heart of King Farouk was attached and whom he selected from among the young ladies of Egypt to become his wife.  The image of Nariman was the image of beauty.  She carries the eastern lady elegant characteristics that are truly tender and handsome.  All the shots and pictures in which she appeared were reflexing the spirit and essence of the Egyptian beautiful lady that matches the king.  Shots were varied.  Nariman caught the hearts of the Egyptians and the concentration of the mass media.

          Princess Fawsia, sister of King Farouk went to the house of the prospective bride at Heliopolis to help her complete the final touches before appearance to the world in the marriage ceremony and to stand by her in this important moment.

          The new queen put a white satin robe, which is said to  be mounted with twenty thousand gems.  A robe that cannot be made with this concern and extravagance except for princesses and queens.  It took four thousand hours for preparation as mentioned in the book of William Stadium (My Kingdom for the Sake of a Woman).  The queen put a crown of pearls.

          After she was well prepared her parade moved from her house at Heliopolis.  She sat in Rolls-Royce red car, which penetrated the streets that were full of victory arches and exhilarations of ceremonies.  When she reached Abidin Palace where it is decided according to the protocol to have the King waiting for her, she ascended with him to the top of the stairs. They moved together across the famous mirror hall of Abidin Palace to the gold decorated King's room, where Zainab Hanim El-Wakil, wife of El-Nahass Pasha, the prime minister, introduced to the queen wives of the ministers.  Wife of Mr. Geferson Kafry, the British Ambassador to the Kingdom of Egypt introduced to the queen wives of the members of the diplomatic corps.  Thereafter a great banquet was given in the gardens of Abidin Palace.  The King cut the first piece of the ceremony cake that was 7 foot wide and that had 7 elevations.  King Farouk offered a piece of that cake on a golden plate to Nariman.


          Congratulations were received from all the countries of the world.  Kings and presidents offered gifts. President of U.S.A. Truman offered 4 crystal vases, while the King of England, King George offered a big car made of silver to the king.  The Russian Leader, Stalin offered a small desk made of scarce stones to the King and a furrow coat of black color to the queen.  Switzerland sent a watch of pure gold.  Czechoslovakia offered a tea set.  Netherlands offered a group of crystal cups. The Ethiopian emperor, Haile Selassie offered a vase inlaid with jewels.  King of Jordan offered 12 soap holders of gold inlaid with jewels.  King of Morocco sent a sword inlaid with diamonds to the King and a necklace of pearls to the queen.  The British General Commander of Sudan sent a bell for the dining room fixed on an ebony seat set on elephant canine.

          For sure, there were many other gifts.  However, these are the significant ones that gain value from the esteem of kings, presidents and leaders who sent them.  Although these gifts are of great importance for their value, they mean other importance that the King of Egypt, in spite all the rumors spread about him, gains an international significance for being the King of a large country that has great effect.  That is why most of presidents and kings of the world immediately sent gifts for expressing their joy and share the King his happiness for getting married to Queen Nariman.  It seems as if there was some previous coordination among all of theses presidents and kings.  What catches the attention is that none of the previous gifts was repeated.  Each of them sent gift different from those sent by others.  Abidin Palace and the bed room of Queen Nariman had varieties of gifts.  What is more important is the fact that the marriage event spread in all the countries of the world in east and west.  All countries of the world were informed of Nariman's marriage to King Farouk.

          The ceremony in Egypt was magnificent.  101 canon bullets were shot in the streets for expressing regards.  The army made a great parade.  Fire signals were flown on air.  Airplanes cast from air congratulation cables to the King and the Queen.  In the evening ships illuminated lights and moved on the river Nile, while dancers were lined on the shores and squares.      

          The British forces camping in the Suez Canal Area shared King Farouk his joys.  They organized parade of the soldiers in full military uniforms for showing respect and rejoice of the event.  At the same time, the day of the marriage was fabulous and the event with its historical royal pages in Egypt and all its incidents and details cannot be disregarded. 

The Honeymoon and the First Appearance of the Queen

          In the first appearance of the queen after marriage, Nariman showed up all smart.  She put on black clothes and rode a Cadillac red car on her way to visit El-Rifaei Mosque for calling on the tomb of King Fouad, father of King Farouk and reading El-Fatha on his soul.  Many people consider this situation the strongest commencement of Nariman to join the Royal Family.  Her visit to the tomb of the King's father is a smart glimpse that expresses esteem, loyalty and most important commitment.

          Thereafter Farouk and Nariman spent a royal honeymoon which commenced by travel on board the private royal yacht.  They spent three months visiting countries of Europe.  Some writings mention that the trip cost EGP 300 Thousand.

          During the days of the honeymoon that extended to three months, Farouk used to awake Nariman on a new and valuable gift.  These gifts were various, between a necklace of pearls and corundum finger ring to chocolates she loved and Belgium saloop which she preferred.  Sweet days of love passed through the three month honeymoon where a royal trip of the full meaning got them together.  Farouk was well familiar with treating women.  He was very generous in giving his bride gifts and sweet words of admiration and love.  Farouk and Nariman got to the sea.  Pictures were shot for them while they were wearing the swimming suits.  When Nariman felt a kind of dizziness, which is an indication that she is pregnant, Farouk reserved the whole passenger royal ship for getting the Queen back very conveniently, preferring this ship to the royal yacht.  The King and the Queen got back waiting for the happy event of the birth of the Crown Prince of Egypt.

Birth of the Crown Prince

          On the 16th of January 1952 in the calm night of Cairo artillery shots echoed in the air.  At 6:20 a number of 101 shots were sounded as announcement of the birth of the first boy for King Farouk, one month before its normal birth time.  This is the Prince Ahmed Fouad

Effect of the news on the King was great.  He was very happy.  After birth the King got nearer to Nariman.  He took her hands and kissed them saying to her, "You did a good job Nany".  He used to call her Nany. 

After the birth of the crown prince Farouk changed much.  He slept near the bed of Nariman, to be beside the young prince.

Weight of the future king was 7.25 pounds.  The King granted the title of Pasha to the doctor who supervised the birth operation.

Happiness of King Farouk with the crown prince greater than any happiness he realized.  The same was the happiness of the Nariman, because the picture of her husband became different from before.  He exaggerated in pampering her and in caring of the new crown prince.  He became very attached to the queen after this birth.  He was very generous in giving her gifts.  Hours he used to spend in the room of the young prince became longer.  They are natural feelings that express overwhelming fatherhood.

Although the birth of the crown prince was a happy event, it made Prince Mohamed Ali (75 years old) cry after hearing the artillery shots while being inside his lofty palace at Manial District.  At this moment he knew that the kingdom of Egypt became far from him, because Prince Mohamed Ali was the crown prince and number 2 after Farouk.  The same feelings were in the heart of Farouk's cousin, prince Abdul Moneim who was 52 years old holding the turn number 3 in the succession of the kingdom.  Now everybody became sure that the new crown prince is the succeeding king of Egypt.

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