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At the end of January 1969 Queen Nariman was exposed to a difficult and dangerous health crisis as a result of interior bleeding in the brain.  Immediately doctor Said Al Gindi, the famous doctor who was specialize in neurosurgery came over.  Upon examining her he ordered taking her immediately to the hospital.  She continued taking treatment in the hospital for one whole month without any improvement.  It was necessary to take any action for saving the queen.  After taking advice of the doctors she left for Paris accompanied by her husband, Major General Doctor Ismail Fahmy.  She underwent a dangerous operation. 

Through mercy of God the operation was successful. The queen got back to Egypt in February 1969 quite healthy without having any effect of the operation.  However, in the seventies the queen commenced feeling headache.  She became very affected with anything and she became angry very quickly.  All this was the expected effect after the operation, as the Doctor who made this surgery said to her.  Sterility was also one of the effects of this operation.  Doctors advised her to avoid pregnancy for fear of hypertension.

          From 1990 she became a prey of hypertension cases.  In 2002 her condition started to aggravate.  She fell down in the bathroom and went to Cleopatra hospital in Heliopolis for getting treatment from the effect of falling, since falling resulted in break of the femur.

          In 2004 she had Pneumonitis and was hospitalized.  In the last three years she did not get out of the house except for maximum necessity.  During the last period she went in a coma, for which she was hospitalized until her death at 8 O'clock in the morning of the tenth day of her arrival to the hospital. She passed away on the 16th of February 2005 and the curtain was dropped down on a life full of sufferings.

          May God have mercy on her soul and house her in the vast paradise.


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