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One year after this separation, the previous queen Nariman practiced a new experiment of marriage.  She got married to Dr. Ismail Fahmy in 1967.  He was a Major General in the armed forces.  He was graduated from the Faculty of Medicine in 1957.  He acquired Ph.D. degree.  The last position he held was Acting Managing Director the Medical Service of the Armed Forces.  Nariman stayed his wife till she passed away on the 16th of February 2005, when she was 72 years old.  She preferred to proceed in this experiment away from lights and the press.  She lived in a flat at Heliopolis.  Her last marriage did not give her any children, since her treating doctor advised her not to have children so as she would not expose her life to a risk.  The husband accepted this decision without discussion.  He sacrificed his natural fatherhood instinct in order to safe keep health and life of the queen.

Her husband, Ismail Fahmy did not give account about the queen and his marriage to her.  The married wife and husband stayed far from everything that may give them the memories of the past.  The husband may have the intent to enjoy his marriage life with the previous queen, in order to avoid problems that may cause her to ask for separation.  The previous queen closed the door of her flat in the face of anybody who may endeavor to dig up in the history.  She refused to write down her diary and collect much money therefrom.  She lived eventually as simple lady who has much of the characteristics of the queen.  She got the name and title, as well as nobility of the feelings of queens and tenderness of their feelings avoiding rudeness in disposition and behavior.

Her husband, Ismail Fahmy gives account about the way of making this marriage, saying, "Coincidence was the factor that put the Queen in my way in 1967, when the queen was suffering some sickness that made her need to make some lab analysis.  Her cousin Dr. Ali Abdel Fattah asked me to visit her in the villa she was living for taking a blood sample from the queen.  Two days later results of lab analysis were known.  I went once again to the queen taking with me the lab test results.  In this occasion I spoke to the queen and a joint dialogue took place between me and the queen.  The dialogue was simple, without affectation and very natural.  At this moment I felt nearness and understanding.  The queen used to enjoy grand presentation and special appeal.  I went to visit her in her villa for the third time.  The matter did not take a long time, since I asked her hand.  This proposal was accepted without mediation of any person.  Her reaction was natural and spontaneous, because many things linked us together.  As I expected she approved to bind herself with me.  I found her approval very quick.  Marriage was consummated in August 1967 in a very simple family ceremony.  Nobody out side the circle of the family was invited."


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