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 EntryNo: 44
 Date: Thursday
08.02.2007 ( Haytham Mahmoud
Internet Explorer Egypt
It is a pleasure to read about her majesty queen NARIMAN biographie.
 EntryNo: 43
 Date: Wednesday
10.01.2007 ( Al-Zahraa Adel Awad
Internet Explorer Egypt
Dear Mr. Akram,
Thank you very much for that interesting website. Really, I am doing my best to do presentation about Mohammed Ali Pacha family and what they did all over Egypt and especially, Alexandria. So, your website helped me a lot although I need more information about King Ahmed Fuad, your brother, as unfortunately we don’t have many about him especially after his last illness 2005. Also, it is my hobby to collect all news and photos of Mohammed Ali Pasha’s family, as it is long time of Egypt history as I am tour guide and my interests is Mohammed family.

So, May I have your permission to mention your website in my articles as biography about King Farouk, Queen Farida, Queen Nerriman and King Ahmed Fuad please,

Please accept my regards and greeting for you and all you family members log/alexandrianews
 EntryNo: 42
 Date: Wednesday
18.10.2006 ( الأمير محمد على
Internet Explorer Egypt
العزيز أكرم النقيب
خير ما فعلت على فكرة هذا هو إسمى حيث كان الأمير المذكور ولى العهد عند مولدى
فكرتنا بالأيام الجميلة عندما كان في بلدنا كبير وصغير
 EntryNo: 41
 Date: Wednesday
13.09.2006 ( Joseph Ayoub
Internet Explorer Canada
Cher Akram,
A travers votre description,j'ai
bien aime a travers La Reine Narriman,
du temps ou l'egypte a ete splendide ,qui a
berce ma jeunesse.Qu'elle repose en paix.
 EntryNo: 40
 Date: Thursday
17.08.2006 ( Hathor
Internet Explorer France

I wasn't even born that time , but my parents kept telling me all the stories of this golden era ... May God rest Queen's Nariman's soul in peace .. But also there is an irony of why the King have divorced Queen Farida, though all the population went on a furry at abdeen's Palace upon the anoucement .. Farida was also a great Queen loved by the mojority of egyptian populace ... Bur unfortunatly , she only gave 3 daughters and not a single hire .. Well , I do respect Queen Farida & all the the injustice she had since she wasn't able to have this 'hire ' !!!
But also , there is no blame on Queen Nariman , she was young and couldn't be shure of what is right and what is wrong !!! GOD BLESS HER SOUL... & GOD BLESS FARIDA'S soul and the mistake that she she wasn't able to bring a hire to the kingdom and was divorced because of this injustice!!!!
 EntryNo: 39
 Date: Monday
14.08.2006 ( ناريمان
Internet Explorer Algeria
انا بحبها كتير للملكة ناريمان و هي مثالي الاعلى و بتمنى كون متلها و على فكرة ماما سمتني على اسمها لان عائلتنا كلها بتحبها

و بالمناسبة اهدي تحيتي لوليد
 EntryNo: 38
 Date: Thursday
03.08.2006 ( Sherif Abo-Shady
Internet Explorer Canada
موقع جميل لملكة من الزمن الجميل. كم سمعت عندما كنت صغيرا من جدى حكايات عن هذة الحقبة التى جعلتنى يوما اتمنى لو كنت عاصرتها. شكرا على هذا المجهود المشرف.
 EntryNo: 37
 Date: Thursday
27.07.2006 ( Nancy Bichara
Internet Explorer Egypt
Nice Site , and great effort . thank you for the name of the history
 EntryNo: 36
 Date: Wednesday
26.07.2006 ( ناصر محمد
Internet Explorer Kuwait
أتقدم بجزيل الشكر والتقدير الى المخلصين و القائمين على هذا الموقع الالكتروني الخالد لسيرة أحد رموز مصر. رحم الله الملكة ناريمان و الملك فاروق و عموم أسرة محمد علي و المسلمين جميعا و اسكنهم فسيح جناته. و اتمنى كل التوفيق والسداد لابناء الملكة ناريمان الملك أحمد فؤاد و السيد المحامي أكرم النقيب.
 EntryNo: 35
 Date: Friday
21.07.2006 ( Wafeeq
Netscape Navigator or other Egypt
بدون شك مجهود رائع
معلومات للحق والتاريخ
رحم الله ناريمان
وربنا يرحمنا من ملوك العصر في مصر المنكوبة الذين ورثونا بالعافية

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