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 EntryNo: 34
 Date: Thursday
20.07.2006 ( MizoFatso
Internet Explorer Egypt
very very nice site with lots of informaion may she rest in peace
 EntryNo: 33
 Date: Thursday
20.07.2006 (
Internet Explorer Egypt
 EntryNo: 32
 Date: Thursday
13.07.2006 ( Jan Bennink
Internet Explorer Netherlands
Dear Akram,
It is good to see that an era much more digified than the Egypt of today come to light once more. I love Egypt and its more recent history. I really believe that Egypt would have been much better off as a monarchy that it is today. Your site is of course first a tribute to your mother, but is is also a tribute to an era. It also shows so poignantly the human side of kings and queens and its yom al asal yom al basal.

It also may help to revaluate and reappreciate the Royal Era in Egypt
 EntryNo: 31
 Date: Thursday
13.07.2006 ( Al Khalafalla
Internet Explorer United States of America
Dear Akram,

I will not be able to express how grateful I am for your website. I have fascination with the Egyptian Royal family since I was a child. I was born long after Farouk was removed from power but still I feel like I was a part from that era.

I searched tirelessly for years for any info about Her Majesty Queen Nairemann Sadig, there was none till this website came to online. I spend an hour daily to read and re-read this fascinating life for the most beautiful queen EVER.

May Allah Bless Her Soul Queen Narriman.
 EntryNo: 30
 Date: Tuesday
11.07.2006 (
Internet Explorer Jordan
 EntryNo: 29
 Date: Friday
30.06.2006 (
Internet Explorer Morocco
 EntryNo: 28
 Date: Friday
30.06.2006 ( Adalet Marzouk ( Tigin)
Internet Explorer Egypt
Dear Akram,
Memories of the nice quiet decent boy who was at the EGC for a short period ,and wonderful to meet him after so many years in Alex.God bless you . I enjoyed your your lecture at the IWG at the Sporting Club. My mum has seen the sight and enjoyed it tremendously.Keep it up.
 EntryNo: 27
 Date: Saturday
24.06.2006 (
Internet Explorer Egypt
 EntryNo: 26
 Date: Thursday
22.06.2006 ( Hany Helmy
Internet Explorer Egypt
Dear Dr. Akram ,

All my respects to your Queen Mother and your efforts to build such a wonderful site ....Hope one day history will bring her back here in a proper way like any other Egyptian Queens and give her all respects... Akram please try to build more and more in this site , also you should write on each photo the inscident of day we want to see a movie for her life...THE STAR WHO CAN ACT AS Q. NARIMAN IS THE FACE ON NANCY AGRAM!!as it is very close to her..tha is only my personal view . Best regards..

Hany Helmy.
 EntryNo: 25
 Date: Sunday
18.06.2006 (
Internet Explorer Canada
Monsieur Akram el-Nakeeb,

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